Global AI Comms

Customer Story: Consulting and Cost Optimization Drives 4x Sales Team Scale-Ups

Client Profile: 35-person , AI Communications Leader

Solution: Enabled Sales team growth with dashboards for visibility, playbooks and processes for repeatability, and automation for scale.

Executive Summary

In the highly competitive world of AI-powered communication software, our client, a global player in the industry, sought to overcome several challenges – from optimizing costs to expanding their sales team. Their objective was clear: to scale their sales operations, reduce operational expenses, and streamline their marketing efforts while appearing more substantial and efficient in the eyes of investors and executives.

To achieve these goals, they partnered with our consulting and cost optimization team, and the results were nothing short of astounding. This case study outlines how we delivered key metrics dashboards for executives and investors, created an efficient demand generation platform to shorten sales cycles, and used digital and live channels to increase brand awareness. Additionally, our email, social, and telesales engagement programs helped identify add-on opportunities for their customer success team, resulting in a 4x sales team scale-up.


  • Key Metrics Dashboard: We developed a comprehensive key metrics dashboard, providing executives and investors with clear, real-time insights into the company’s performance. This transparency helped build trust and confidence.
  • Demand Generation Platform: Our team built a sophisticated demand generation platform, which handled lead scoring, routing, and playbook automation. This platform streamlined sales cycles by automating outreach and nurturing, resulting in a 4x expansion of the sales team.
  • Brand Awareness: Leveraging a combination of digital and live channels, we elevated the client’s brand presence. This strategic approach made the company appear larger, more mature, and efficient, impressing investors and executives alike.
  • Engagement Programs: We initiated email, social, and telesales engagement programs within customer accounts. These programs not only fostered engagement but also identified and converted add-on opportunities, contributing to the company’s revenue growth.


  • Key Metrics Dashboard: Real-time insights increased executive confidence and investor trust.
  • Sales Team Scale-Up: The demand generation platform allowed for a 4x expansion of the sales team, resulting in significant revenue growth.
  • Brand Awareness: The client appeared more substantial and efficient, enhancing their market presence.
  • Engagement Programs: Email, social, and telesales engagement programs converted add-on opportunities, boosting revenue.


Our partnership with the Global AI-Powered Communication Software company exemplifies the power of strategic consulting, cost optimization, and efficient marketing. By addressing cost-cutting measures, streamlining operations, and expanding the sales team, we empowered our client to compete at a higher level and achieve remarkable results.

This case study is a testament to the potential of data-driven marketing and operational optimization in the competitive landscape of AI-powered communication software. Our consulting and cost optimization efforts not only delivered immediate benefits but also set the stage for continued growth and success.