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Customer Story: Transforming Cold Lists into Valuable Engagements with Enterprise Executives 

Client Profile: 25-person , Bootstrapped AI Software Startup

Solution: Solved problems of cost-effective and targeted demand gen to help scale Sales pipeline for AI-powered financial software

Executive Summary

In the competitive landscape of AI/ML Fintech Automation, our client, a bootstrapped startup with a 25-person team, sought to address the challenges of cost-effective and targeted demand generation. Their goal was to scale their sales pipeline for their AI-powered financial software. Through a strategic partnership with Positive Response, they were able to achieve remarkable results. This case study outlines how we turned cold leads into valuable engagements with enterprise executives, culminating in a significant pipeline, efficient fundraising efforts, and a broader market presence.


  • Demand Generation: The client needed a cost-effective solution to generate demand for their AI-powered financial software.

  • Sales Pipeline Scalability: The objective was to scale the sales pipeline to facilitate business growth.

  • Engaging Enterprise Executives: The challenge was to engage and convert key enterprise executives from cold lists into meaningful meetings and opportunities.

  • Market Awareness: The client aimed to appear more substantial, mature, and efficient in the competitive AI/ML Fintech Automation sector.


Positive Response collaborated closely with the client to address their challenges:

  • Key Metrics Dashboard: We developed a key metrics dashboard to provide a clear view of critical data, which proved invaluable for the client’s fundraising efforts.

  • Demand Generation Engine: We built a demand generation engine using a comprehensive marketing and sales stack, which included social media.

  • Multi-Channel Lead Generation: We strategically drove sales leads from email, events, and social media, ensuring a multi-pronged approach to engage potential clients.

  • Executive Engagement: Our efforts were targeted at engaging and converting key enterprise executives from cold lists into meaningful meetings and opportunities.

  • Market Awareness: Leveraging both digital and live channels, we enhanced the client’s market awareness, helping them appear larger, more mature, and efficient.

Key Metrics

The results were nothing short of impressive:

  • Cold List to Meeting Rate: The cold list to meeting rate exceeded expectations, standing at above 0.5%. This demonstrated the effectiveness of our engagement strategies.

  • Pipeline Generation: The client successfully generated over $250,000 in pipeline revenue from cold list purchases, and all of this was achieved at a cost of under $10,000. This cost-effective strategy significantly boosted their financial outlook.

  • Event Utilization: Events were utilized as not only a source of new leads but also as a platform to close deals. This versatile approach added value to their sales efforts and contributed to pipeline growth.


This case study illuminates how Positive Response partnered with a bootstrap AI Software Startup to transform cold lists into meaningful engagements with enterprise executives. By devising a cost-effective demand generation strategy, enhancing the sales pipeline, and successfully engaging key executives, we enabled the client to expand their business. The remarkable results, as reflected in the key metrics, showcase the power of strategic marketing and lead generation in today’s competitive market.

The collaboration between Positive Response and the client serves as an excellent example of how a bootstrapped startup can leverage intelligent marketing strategies to make a substantial impact in the AI/ML Fintech Automation sector. By efficiently utilizing events and cost-effective demand generation, the client was able to position itself as a serious contender and achieve significant pipeline growth.