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Customer Story: Transforming a Lottery Loyalty App into a Powerful Customer Engagement Platform

Client Profile: 20-person , Underfunded Martech Software Startup

Solution: Solved problem of rebrand to quickly and cost-effectively pivot away from isolated gambling industry to help scale Sales pipeline

Executive Summary

In a market saturated with gambling-related applications, our client, a forward-thinking software company, sought to rebrand and reposition their lottery loyalty app as a customer engagement platform. The goal was to transition the product away from the stigma of gambling and present it as a powerful, innovative, and IT-integration friendly solution. Additionally, they aimed to build brand revenue, shorten sales cycles, and engage key Technical, Security, and IT Management personas. The comprehensive strategy implemented by Positive Response resulted in remarkable outcomes, including increased brand awareness and successful marketing leads and sales meetings across various industries.


  • Rebranding Challenge: The client’s lottery loyalty app was perceived as a gambling tool, limiting its appeal to a broader audience.

  • Brand Repositioning: To succeed in a competitive market, the client needed to reposition their software as powerful, easy to use, innovative, and IT-integration friendly.

  • Building Brand Revenue: The goal was to maximize brand revenue by attracting more customers and reducing sales cycles.

  • Targeting Key Personas: Engaging and converting key personas, including Technical, Security, and IT Management, was a priority for the client.

  • Industry Expansion: The client aspired to extend its customer base beyond the gambling sector to industries such as sports, healthcare, and government.


Positive Response devised a comprehensive strategy to address the client’s challenges:

  • Rebranding the Lottery Loyalty App: We successfully rebranded the client’s lottery loyalty app, shifting its image from gambling to a robust customer engagement platform.

  • Positioning the Platform: We positioned the customer engagement platform as a powerful, easy-to-use, innovative, and IT-integration friendly solution. This repositioning emphasized its value and flexibility.

  • Building Brand Revenue: By creating a sales enablement content matrix tailored to key buying personas at various sales stages, we provided the client with the tools to engage potential customers across their target industries. The content was designed in various formats to suit diverse preferences.

  • Engaging Key Personas: The client’s brand was strategically positioned to engage and convert key Technical, Security, and IT Management personas, enhancing its market appeal.

  • Industry Expansion: Through a mix of digital and live channels, we accelerated brand awareness, targeting multiple industries, including sports, healthcare, government, and more. This broadened the client’s market reach and accelerated adoption and growth.


The results of this transformative effort were substantial:

  • Marketing Leads: The client experienced a significant surge in marketing leads, indicating increased interest in the rebranded customer engagement platform across various industries.
  • Sales Meetings: The sales enablement content matrix facilitated more efficient sales processes, resulting in a heightened number of successful sales meetings. These meetings spanned diverse sectors, including sports, healthcare, government, and more, reflecting the client’s successful expansion into new markets.


The rebranding and repositioning of the lottery loyalty app into a powerful customer engagement platform exemplify the power of strategic marketing and rebranding. By transitioning away from the gambling association and emphasizing the platform’s innovative and IT-friendly nature, the client successfully engaged key personas and expanded into multiple industries. The case study illustrates [Your Company]’s capacity to drive change, maximize revenue, and accelerate brand awareness for its clients, ultimately resulting in success across diverse markets.

This successful collaboration showcases how a well-planned strategy can transform a product’s image and lead to remarkable growth, making the client’s brand a leader in the field of customer engagement platforms.